Everybody Went To The Comic-Con & All I Got Was This Lousy Tote Bag (Not Really)

Most fans are unable to attend this year’s Comic-Con with all the news and hoopla in the world of comics, movies, TV, gaming, the works. Despite what everyone says, we fans would give nearly anything to be able to attend and participate in the ultimate geekdomness and snatch up the goodies at the convention.

Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill, Florida (arguably the best comic book store in the state only rivaled by Orlando’s Coliseum of Comics) held its Tate’s Not At Comic-Con event to make up for the fact that most of us couldn’t attend Comic-Con. Billed as the next best thing to the famous convention, Tate’s gave away a tote bag with free stuff to suffering fans who waited a measly half hour in line. Boy and those attending Comic-Con think they have it rough! There were also prizes, lots of folks wearing costumes (the Star Wars stormtroopers were a hit) and a ten percent off sale for anyone who showed up with at least a homemade cape. Yes simple towels counted.

What was in the goodie bag? Actually it was pretty decent for what it was. A few DC buttons and a toy catalog, a Flash ring, a temporary tatoo,a store coupon, a couple of Dark Horse Comics flyers, a Green Lantern movie mini-poster (yep, they’re giving away the Green Lantern stuff already, mind you there wasn’t anything related to the new Captain America movie), a Top Shelf kids comic book, a Marvel Chronology comic, a reprint of Swamp Thing #21 and a comic preview of DC’s New 52.

Not a bad haul and yeah it makes up a little tiny bit for not being at Comic-Con this year.


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