Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Not Worth Buying

bluray coverLast week, I headed out to my local Target to get some supplies and inside the store I saw those cardboard displays for the Star Trek Into Darkness blu-rays. I actually forgot about the release, it’s been a busy month.

Anyway, I eagerly clutched the nearest box that had a clear slipcase and then grabbed another one with the 3D cover of the Enterprise hurtling towards Earth. This was an impulse buy if there ever was one. I didn’t know which one to get. I saw there was another box design (the white one with the Starfleet symbol that had four images of different characters–it didn’t do much for me). So which one should I buy? The 3D cover one that included a 3D blu-ray of the film? The standard one with the clear plastic slipcase? Or the Target version, with the white cover? In the end, I didn’t buy any of them.

I wanted to see what the other stores sold. After I left Target, I went to Best Buy and saw they were also selling the standard blu-ray (no way was I buying just a DVD!) and the 3D version, plus a Best Buy version that had a black cover. Then I went to Wal-Mart and saw they had two distinct versions that I found interesting. walmartOne was a package that sold the standard blu-ray along with a blu-ray of the previous Star Trek film. The other was a nice package that had a Matchbox model of the U.S.S. Vengeance and a steelcase for the blu-ray. I discounted the combo when I saw that the Star Trek blu-ray was a bare-bones edition. But, I didn’t buy the one with the scale model either. In fact, I wound up not buying the blu-ray at all and atm I don’t plan on buying it.

Why not? I thought the Star Trek Into Darkness blu-ray was actually lame. It didn’t have anything great about it in terms of extras. Paramount in their inept greediness decided to split up the extras across several different retailers and they all offer their own unique behind-the-scenes features. To me that stuff is boring, some people like my pal GEO may enjoy looking at the filmmaking process, but often these features are just puff pieces where the filmmakers talk about how great their films are and what a terrific time they had making the films.  The only kind of features I enjoy are sometimes the director’s commentaries and I found out that I had to buy that on download from iTunes! To make matters worse, there weren’t any deleted scenes in any of the versions. Seriously, what is the point? Deleted scenes are the main reason for me to buy special edition blu-rays. Another is the really cool packaging.

GEO told me about his super deluxe blu-ray of The Avengers that he bought last year that had all the bells and whistles. Why doesn’t Star Trek Into Darkness have this? The best we got is a model and with Amazon a replica of a phaser that I read in reviews was shoddily made. Big deal! Look at the deluxe Star Trek blu-ray/DVD release that had a beautifully detailed Enterprise model that could store the discs. Why wasn’t this repeated?

trek 09

It’s not unheard of for popular genre films to get a super-deluxe blu-ray release so why wasn’t this done for Star Trek Into Darkness? Does Paramount actually expect fans like me to go on a scavenger hunt and buy multiple copies just to get a complete set of extras? Keep in mind, none of these versions has deleted scenes. Well the studio has another thing coming, I refuse to buy it. And I urge anyone reading this who is thinking of buying the blu-ray not to do so. Maybe by the holidays we’ll get a real deluxe edition as was done with Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings films. Either way, I’m saving my money for the Iron Man 3 blu-ray. That one as promised in the TV commercial, will have deleted scenes.

Waldermann Rivera

Special thanks to GEO


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