We here at Starloggers.com are actually recovering workers from the late and lamented magazine Starlog. We come from all types of backgrounds and worked in assorted capacities for that magazine and its parent company ranging from art designers to even the mailroom.

Having a passion for sci-fi, comics, fantasy, etc. we wanted to create a site that’s about us: Starloggers. And that includes you and anyone else who enjoys the genre. Please note, we’re not in any way affiliated with Starlog or its corporate entities. The only connection to that mag is that we once worked there. This website is entirely our own creation.

These posts will be just basic ranting and/or raving about stuff we like to watch, read about in the world of sci-fi, comics, TV, collecting and whatever catches our fancy at the moment.

So sit back, have fun, oh and be a part of the conversation. Let’s hear from you! Leave a comment to these posts about your opinion (but let’s be civil) and subscribe to Starloggers.

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