Immortals Cursed With The Dumbest Trailers

Gotta say this. Immortals the new movie coming out this weekend looks very stupid. For that the blame falls on those terrible trailers for the movie that have plague coming attractions.

Seriously, look at how dumb the whole thing looks. Everything looks like a cross between a bad cologne commercial and a pretentious music video with non stop green screen shots. Toss into that some bad acting and scenes that make those old Steve Reeves sword and sandals outings  look like Spartacus. This isn’t to say that these kind of fantasy films are inferior. I loved last year’s remake of Clash of the Titans even though no one I know did. And while 300 was stupid it was at least entertaining. Actually the trailers make Immortals look like a cheap 300 knock-off and has actually made me appreciate Zack Snyder more as a filmmaker. See this kind of material is hard to pull off as Immortals shows me and Zack Snyder was able to sell 300 thanks to his skills.

What else is there to dislike about the Immortals trailer? The obvious CG effects, the overdone fight scenes that go into cliche slow motion and what is it with that opening shot that looks like a Renaissance painting? And the less said about those stupid gold outfits the better! Logically, this film will die a quick death in the box office, but being this is the modern world with sheeple that grovel over American Idol and Snookie this film will probably do well and we’ll have to suffer the inevitable sequels. If humanity redeems itself and avoids this turkey then the movie executives can blame the trailers. Just take a look if you want a quick laugh.

Waldermann Rivera


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