TRON Light Cycles For Sale

Start saving your bucks boys and girls. For a mere $55,000 you can be the proud owner of a detailed replica of the TRON light cycle! OK it’s not exactly like the ones featured in Tron: Legacy but it looks authentic and is all electric, powered by an ion lithium battery. That means you’ll get a quiet ride while brightly lit up like you just escaped the Grid from TRON and TRON: Legacy

Built by Parker Brothers Choppers, who specialize in custom mortorcyles, completed nearly a year of test drives with this light cycle and it’s now for sale. Being that it is street legal you can drive it around your local hot spots and impress everyone, not just the geeks that love the TRON films. One caveat is that it’s low slung, making the ride not too comfortable, but comfort needed to be sacrificed to get that authentic light cycle look. The cycles weigh about 474 pounds with a steel frame and fiberglass bodywork and according to Parker Brothers Choppers rides like any sport bike. That may be true but no other set of wheels looks as cool as this baby!

José Soto

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