Countdown To Destiny


Out of all the video game releases for this year, the one that really caught my attention is Destiny. It’s made by Activision and Bungie and from watching the trailers, it looks as epic and jaw-dropping as the Halo games.

Destiny takes place about seven hundred years in the future. Humanity has had a period of a Golden Age when planets in our solar system were colonized. But a calamity occurred and now humankind is on the verge of extinction. The last, few survivors live on the Last City on Earth, while aliens have taken the colonies and are now encroaching upon Earth and the Last City. The only defenders are a group known as the Guardians, who use a power called “The Light”, which they received from the mysterious Traveler, a non-corporeal being. The players’ task is fairly simple; defend humanity from the aliens, while reviving the Traveler.

Players get to choose the factions of the Guardians they can play: either humans, Awoken, or the Exo. The game also allows players to choose classes for the factions they pick such as Hunters, Warlocks and Titans. But as a plus, it seems as if players can create different characters from different races.

Bungie has stated that the game isn’t a traditional multiplayer online game (MMO) since players can’t interact with everyone playing, but only with certain other players depending on the game.

To me, the game looks rich, inviting and complex. All the ingredients needed for a game that is playable for a long, long time. The designs of the characters and aliens are just stupefying and beautiful. Like any great game, Destiny promises a unique and intricate universe with its own history and background. I just hope it isn’t too complex for many players but from the looks of it, Destiny doesn’t seem like it’s for the casual player.

It will available for Xbox and Playstation and is sure to be the game of the year when it’s released next week on September 9. I’m very sure Destiny will live up to its hype.

T. Rod Jones

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