Hope For Terminator Fans?


News that Terminator creator James Cameron will be getting the rights back to the iconic film franchise in 2019 bodes well for hopes that the series will get back to its roots and high mark from the first two movies. Recent reports indicate that Cameron will be handing the directorial reins over to Deadpool director Tim Miller, which should also bring some credibility back to the series after the less than enthusiastic response to 2015’s Terminator Genisys partial reboot. Miller directed the very popular superhero film in 2016 and is a rising star in Hollywood. The fact that Cameron will be the creative force behind the scenes gives the whole project instant respectability with fans and will hopefully bring about another huge movie that will have the Terminator storyline make some kind of sense. The whole idea of John Connor being a villain, which was a major plot point of the last movie, is just wrong, so maybe this new entry will rectify the whole situation.

I enjoyed the third and fourth films in the franchise, but do admit that they did not come close the level established by Cameron’s entries. He had nothing to do with those films or with Genisys, so the idea of him bringing a new film to life is a very good omen. Right now it is not known if Arnold Schwarzenegger will have any involvement or if the movie will be another reboot or continue where earlier films left off, but in any case Terminator fans seem to have something to look forward too in the coming years. It would be even better if Cameron himself was slated to direct this movie, but alas he is busy making four sequels to his Avatar franchise, the first of which will supposedly come out in 2018. This means he will be tied up until at least 2023 according to his announcements, but at the rate that preproduction is going it could be another 50 years until we see another Avatar film. In any case, Terminator fans have been waiting for years for more great films featuring their favorite killer cyborgs from the future and hopefully soon, they will be coming…they will be back.

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5 comments on “Hope For Terminator Fans?

  1. Well, I must admit this potential news doesn’t get me too excited. The first two terminator films are brilliant, but the others are rather forgettable tbh. I don’t think a reboot is needed at all, even if James Cameron is involved.

  2. I didn’t mind Genisys, by no mean spectacular but I though it sort of neatly re-rebooted the series and it’s just a shame that it sets up a trilogy that isn’t now going to happen.

    If Cameron can oversee another new iteration I have some hope but I wish he wouldn’t be devoting so much to the Avatar universe (four sequels? Seriously?). The first wasn’t all that great and Cameron is capable of so much more.

    • It would be great if Cameron could get back to the one that started his career, truthfully a nice way to finish it up. Still if George Miller could manage to return to Mad Max after decades perhaps one day Cameron will actually direct a Terminator film.

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