Z Nation Is Zero Grade TV Fare

znation4There’s this really great show on TV right now. It’s got a terrifying premise, riveting storylines, memorable characters and it’s full of nail-biting scenes and moments of pure horror. That would be The Walking Dead…then there is this show; Z Nation, which has none of the above qualities.

When I first heard that Syfy was going to air this new show, I was excited. Given the runaway success of The Walking Dead, I wondered why it took so long for another TV show to come out with a similar premise of a zombie apocalypse. But then I learned that Z Nation was produced by The Asylum, the production company responsible for all those grade zero schlocky movies that airs on Syfy on Saturday nights.  You know classics like Sharknado and Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark.

Still, I kept an open mind, maybe Z Nation might actually be decent. It’s got a decent premise: survivors of a zombie apocalypse have to travel across the U.S. to deliver to a med research base a person who is immune to the zombie versus that has decimated the world. But nope, the show is crap.

As expected with productions from The Asylum, Z Nation looks cheaply done on the fly with amateurish CG. Most of the acting is awful and the dialogue is atrocious and inappropriate at times. Half the time, the wooden characters bark clichés and lazy one-liners that ruin the supposedly dour mood of the episodes. It’s like the actors know that they’re in a crappy production and have a “hell with it” attitude.


The only actor that stands out in this troupe is DJ Qualls, who isn’t part of the main action. He plays Citizen Z, the last surviving communications soldier at an arctic NSA outpost codenamed Northern Light. As the survivors trek across the country (at this point, they’re situated in the northeast), he keeps in touch with them via radio and phone calls. Since he’s isolated from the main action, his scenes allow for some exploration on the themes of isolation and for the most part they work. He had an interesting story in the second episode when he encounters a dog and befriends it. It’s just too bad the show cuts away from him to focus on the survivors and their moronic actions.

Maybe Z Nation would be more bearable if the characters were more interesting or likeable. It’s bad enough that the man who holds the key to curing the zombie plague is such a tool. He is portrayed by Keith Allen and boy does he overdo the selfish jerk routine. Meanwhile, most of the other characters don’t want to be bothered with this mission, yet they still follow the orders of Garnett (Tom Everett Scott) a former National Guard who takes it upon himself to deliver Allen’s character to California. It’s all just an excuse for the characters to find ways to kill zombies.


With that said, the show is rarely dull, it moves quickly. From the way the characters behave and talk, it seems like Z Nation is trying to be intentionally tongue-in-cheek.  I just wish it was actually funny. There are fans of works from The Asylum and they’re the only ones who may want to tune in to Z Nation, but everyone else should just watch The Walking Dead for a good fix of zombie action.

Waldermann Rivera

Lost Pitches For The Walking Dead Spinoff

Ever since AMC announced that they are going forward with a spinoff for The Walking Dead, there has been rampant speculation about the new TV show’s premise. While we don’t claim to know what it will be about (presumably about another group of survivors elsewhere), here are some pitches that probably didn’t make the cut at the AMC executives’ meetings.

???????????210 Walker Street – Tyreese finds out that his long-lost uncle from South Philly left him an apartment building in his will. Tyreese moves in as the new superintendent, but finds out the tenants are walkers! Wacky hijinks galore as Tyreese deals with nosy neighbors, sassy store owners, and collecting the rent without being eaten.

Daryl Dixon: Walker Hunter – This spinoff features Daryl who is now a swampland bounty hunter in America’s southeast. His specialty, of course, is hunting down walkers who go missing busted arrowfrom CDC labs and work farms. Aiding the deadly hunter is his long-lost brother Maynard, a local sheriff who was recently turned into a walker, but his passion for justice enables him to overcome his cannibalistic urges and help his brother bring ’em back dead!

The Dead Beat – Michonne turns into a hard-hitting newspaper reporter, exposing city scandals and top-brass corruption, but often butts heads – literally – with her editor, a rehabilitated walker. Watch the suspense unfold as Michonne fights the good fight to inform the public and not forget her katana.

Dead Dynasty In the tradition of those popular redneck reality shows this one will star Daryl Dixon as a walker farmer! Business has been good for the farm since med research places need fresh supplies of walkers to experiment on. Tune in each week as Daryl deals with everyday trials and tribulations in a walker farm with his redneck family including his walker brother Merle, who is kept chained to the side of a barn. Don’t worry about Merle, his teeth have been yanked out in case of accidents while playing with little cousin Jimmy.

rick and zombie cop

L.A. Walker Heat a.k.a. My Dead Partner – Embittered by his walker experiences Rick transfers to the LAPD, where he is partnered with a domesticated walker, who happens to be the first of his kind to graduate from the police academy. Suspicious of each other at first, they learn to overcome their mistrust, and together they fight crime and corruption in the City of Angels.

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The Case For An Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Spinoff Film


With all the recent talk about the new batch of Star Wars films, there’s a lot of interest about the spinoff films announced by Disney. Already Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank are slated to direct two of them, which are rumored to be about young Han Solo or Boba Fett. But if there is one character that should headline a Star Wars spinoff it’s the unsung hero of the films, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

For non-fans, Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi was a luke and benJedi Knight who was played by both Ewan McGregor and Sir Alec Guinness in both Star Wars trilogies. He mentored both Anakin Skywalker and later on his son Luke Skywalker for a brief period before allowing himself to be killed by Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Out of all the heroic characters featured in the Star Wars films, his was arguably the most heroic and selfless with noble traits only rivaled by the diminutive Jedi Master Yoda.

What made him so heroic? Look at what he did, how he led his life. Obi-Wan Kenobi clearly put his duty over his personal wants and needs. This was seen in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith and the aforementioned Episode IV.

kenobi yoda, organa


At the end of Episode I, Obi-Wan honors his dying master’s wish and chooses to train Anakin to become a Jedi. He did this even though he didn’t hold Anakin in high regard like his master Qui-Gon Jinn did. In Episode III, after the Jedi have been vanquished by Emperor Palpatine and the new Galactic Empire, Obi-Wan could have just hung up his Jedi robe and gone into hiding. Well, he did do that to an extent, although he wanted to continue to fight the good fight against evil. Instead he chose to follow Yoda’s bidding by protecting Anakin’s infant son Luke. He went into hiding on Anakin’s home planet Tatooine where he would live out the remainder of his life looking after Luke from afar. In the dialogue in Episode IV, Luke, now a young man, knew Kenobi so it can be inferred that Obi-Wan kept an eye on Luke as he grew up and only stayed away because of Luke’s uncle’s wishes. Still, he came to Luke’s aid early on in the film when the young man was in danger.

In Episode IV, despite his old age, he was willing to leave the planet and aid Princess Leia after she sent him a holographic plea for help in her fight against the Empire. Towards the end of the film, Obi-Wan made the ultimate sacrifice while confronting Darth Vader.

last kenobi battleDuring that battle Luke came upon them and was about to come to his aid. Obi-Wan knew that it was imperative that Luke be kept from Vader and escape so simply stopped fighting and allowed Vader to kill him. Luke soon learned that death wasn’t the end for Obi-Wan, who would continue advising Luke as a spiritual presence.

This spiritual aspect enhanced Kenobi’s compassionate, amiable manner that he displayed in the films and which made him likable. In Episode IV, he had a gentle, patient way about him and only fought at the last resort, which is why Luke was so  drawn to the old Jedi. In Episode II, during an investigation, Obi-Wan visited his old friend Dexter Jettster for some help. In a rare moment, when the two met at Jettster’s greasy spoon diner, Obi-Wan dropped his stoic Jedi demeanor and came off as an average Joe type who was very relatable.

But Kenobi was also a formidable warrior. In the prequel films, Obi-Wan proved that he was an adept warrior who was more than capable of taking out superior opponents. He first showed this knack in Episode I when he killed Darth Maul. Later in Episode III, he was dispatched to defeat the cyborg Jedi killer General Greivous, which he did in a convincing manner. But later in the film, he was able to defeat Anakin Skywalker who had turned evil. Even though Anakin was more powerful in using the force, Kenobi had better experience and skills, and used that advantage to cripple his one-time friend and student.

kenobi badass

As great as these films were, they focused so much on the Skywalkers and Han Solo that Obi-Wan Kenobi didn’t get much screen time. A spinoff film about Obi-Wan Kenobi could explore what he did in between the trilogies and even go into his life before Episode I. Lots of questions about him and his life could be answered. Not only will these details flesh out his character, but a Star Wars spinoff film will finally let Obi-Wan Kenobi have the spotlight that he deserves.

Lewis T. Grove

Star Trek At 48

trek trioThis weekend marks the 48th anniversary of the premiere of the very first Star Trek episode on TV. The celebrations are unquestionably low key; I couldn’t even find any acknowledgement of this on the startrek.com website. But I expect things will be very different in two years time. At least, that is what we Trek fans hope. By then, it will be the fiftieth anniversary and we know for certain that at the very least a Star Trek film will be out in two years.

That is much better than what happened during the iconic show’s fortieth anniversary. Nothing happened then. Paramount Pictures didn’t put out a film because of the failure of Star Trek Nemesis, while CBS Television Studios also followed suit since Star Trek: Enterprise was just canceled a year before on UPN.

Cinematic Rebooting

During that time period both companies felt that the Star Trek franchise needed a rest from the public eye. As we all know, Paramount rebooted the film franchise in 2009 with Star Trek and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness was released last year. While both films were successful, there is a feeling of unease among a large segment of the fanbase. Under director J.J. Abrams’ guidance, they feel as if Star Trek has strayed far from what it’s meant to be; a story of space exploration and encountering the unknown. Instead, they say that the past two films were just modified Star Wars films. That is a hard viewpoint to argue against, since the films emphasized action and thrills over the more cerebral fare that creator Gene Roddenberry championed when he created the original show and Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG).


The Star Trek reboot was supposed to reinvigorate the franchise and raise public awareness, but how successful was that goal? How much in the public eye is Star Trek? It’s there for sure but a lot of attention is being paid these days to the latest superhero film or the return of Star Wars, while any news of the upcoming Star Trek sequel gets shrugs. This was really clear when Paramount announced this year that the screenwriter for the past two Star Trek films, Roberto Orci, was tapped to direct the next sequel. He isn’t a big-name director, actually he hasn’t directed anything at all. Yet, he is being entrusted by Paramount to guide the next Star Trek film, which is coming out in the fiftieth anniversary of the original series. You would think that with that much attention the franchise will receive then, that the film studio will want to ensure that a topnotch director will handle the reins. But who knows? Maybe Orci will deliver the kind of Star Trek film its fans have been clamoring for.

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Countdown To Destiny


Out of all the video game releases for this year, the one that really caught my attention is Destiny. It’s made by Activision and Bungie and from watching the trailers, it looks as epic and jaw-dropping as the Halo games.

Destiny takes place about seven hundred years in the future. Humanity has had a period of a Golden Age when planets in our solar system were colonized. But a calamity occurred and now humankind is on the verge of extinction. The last, few survivors live on the Last City on Earth, while aliens have taken the colonies and are now encroaching upon Earth and the Last City. The only defenders are a group known as the Guardians, who use a power called “The Light”, which they received from the mysterious Traveler, a non-corporeal being. The players’ task is fairly simple; defend humanity from the aliens, while reviving the Traveler.

Players get to choose the factions of the Guardians they can play: either humans, Awoken, or the Exo. The game also allows players to choose classes for the factions they pick such as Hunters, Warlocks and Titans. But as a plus, it seems as if players can create different characters from different races.

Bungie has stated that the game isn’t a traditional multiplayer online game (MMO) since players can’t interact with everyone playing, but only with certain other players depending on the game.

To me, the game looks rich, inviting and complex. All the ingredients needed for a game that is playable for a long, long time. The designs of the characters and aliens are just stupefying and beautiful. Like any great game, Destiny promises a unique and intricate universe with its own history and background. I just hope it isn’t too complex for many players but from the looks of it, Destiny doesn’t seem like it’s for the casual player.

It will available for Xbox and Playstation and is sure to be the game of the year when it’s released next week on September 9. I’m very sure Destiny will live up to its hype.

T. Rod Jones