The Greatest Sci-Fi Hallmark Ornaments

While Hallmark’s Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments are well known holiday merchandise, we cannot forget the other related Hallmark genre ornaments. No, not the Harry Potter stuff, though those ornaments are great, but the ornaments based on popular science fiction films and TV shows. Although they’re not as numerous as Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments, they’re just as well-crafted. It’s too bad more aren’t produced because these sci-fi Hallmark ornaments are great gifts and additions to any fan’s Christmas tree. These are the best ones created to date, hopefully more will come in the future.

avatar ornament

10. Avatar Jake Sully (Avatar, 2010):

Fans can easily imagine that the tatted-up warrior hero from Avatar is protecting a giant mother tree with this dynamically posed ornament.

9. Nautilus (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 2011):

The miniature version of Captain Nemo’s steampunk sub is a faithful recreation of the Disney’s 1950s adaptation.

rocketeer ornament

8. High Flying Hero (The Rocketeer, 2014):

This was one of those limited-edition Hallmark ornaments that is hard to find, even when it was released. It would make a fine gift for any fan of the underrated gem of a film.

7. Alien (Alien, 2014):

One would think this kind of ornament would never work. Seriously, this alien creature is the stuff of nightmares. But it works thanks to its meticulous detailing and organic exo-skeletal look that somehow fits within a tree.

6. Cylon Centurion (Battlestar Galactica, 2011):

The sound effects of the distinctive robotic Cylon voice (“By your command”) is the highlight of this sci-fi Hallmark ornament. If only Hallmark would make more ornaments of either version of Battlestar Galactica, including the ships. “Sigh”

serenity ornament

5. Serenity (Firefly, 2018):

With this year’s release of the Serenity from the beloved TV show, Firefly, Hallmark seems to be realizing that there are other iconic spaceships worth making into ornaments. They could do the TARDIS, the Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and more. The Serenity is a great start.

alien queen ornament

4. Alien Queen (Aliens, 2016): 

A little less terrifying than the original Alien ornament, this one wondrously captures the lethal beauty and horror of the giant alien queen featured in Aliens. Like its predecessor, the alien queen ornament will blend nicely in a tree and hide as its film counterpart thanks to its distinct skeletal look.

3. WALL-E ( WALL-E, 2015):

There are a few WALL-E Hallmark ornaments, but this one is the best. As part of the Disney Pixar Legends series, it’s large, features sounds of the diminutive robot and being that the robot and his film are very eco-conscious, this WALL-E ornament goes perfect in a Christmas tree.

2. Light Cycle (Tron: Legacy, 2010):

With its slick futuristic outline and LED blue light effect, this is perhaps the coolest sci-fi hallmark ornament. Too bad, Tron: Legacy wasn’t a bigger hit otherwise we could’ve been treated to other eye-catching Tron ornaments, aside from C.L.U’s light cycle that came out a year later. That one was just a redress of this ornament with differently colored light effects.

flying delorean ornament

1. Flying Time Machine (Back to the Future, Part II, 2014):

The flying DeLorean made famous by Back to the Future, Part II is the best sci-fi Hallmark ornament thanks to its light up effect and design. Its blue lighting complements a Christmas tree while it being shown in a flying mode helps sell the illusion that you’ve got a tiny DeLorean zipping about your tree. What better way to celebrate the best time travel film trilogy during the holidays?

Notable Mentions:

Deck the Planet! (WALL-E, 2008), Outattime (Back to the Future, 2011), E.T. The Extraterrestrial ( E.T. The Extraterrestrial, 2011) Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet, 2009), Cornelius (Planet of the Apes, 2014),K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider, 2013) Next Stop: The Twilight Zone ( The Twilight Zone, 2009), EVE (WALL-E, 2012),  Predator (Predator, 2015), P-5000 Powered Work Loader (Aliens, 2017), Xenomorph: From Egg to Alien (Alien, 2015)


6 comments on “The Greatest Sci-Fi Hallmark Ornaments

  1. These are awesome! I really want the Firefly one.
    Hallmark’s ornaments are great, the year Force Awakens came out a relative got me an ornament of Poe’s X-Wing and it’s probably one of my favorite ornaments

    • The Star Wars ornaments are a class into themselves. I hope to be able to get the Serenity at my local shop soon, it would look fantastic along with the Star Wars and Star Trek ships in my tree.

    • Yeah, they don’t get as much publicity from Hallmark as the Star Wars/Star Trek ornaments. But they do deserve the attention, there are other sci-fi properties that could use some ornaments! 😀

  2. Awesome, I know of Hallmark’s Star Trek releases but had no idea these existed! The Alien/Alien Queen looks great as does the flying Delorean but I’m amazed by the classic BSG cylon and the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues ornaments.

    Best wishes for the Christmas holidays and thanks for your support during 2018!

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