Aquaman Salvages The DCEU

It’s official, Aquaman is the biggest hit for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) or the Worlds of DC. The newest superhero film released by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has proven so successful that it has joined the lucrative billion dollar club as of this weekend. Aquaman’s success could not have come at a better time for DC and Warner Bros. as the film studio desperately needed to have a genuine supehero hit film given all the headaches they’ve had with the DCEU lately.

The DCEU has always had an uneven existence with films that either polarized audiences or just left everyone unimpressed. For every Wonder Woman there was a Suicide Squad. The DCEU was supposed to be a viable competitor to the far more successful Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but that did not turn out to be. For the most part, Warner Bros. was to blame with the way they micromanaged the DCEU films and their directors and never gave the people running the film universe the chance to organically develop it. In their rush to compete with the MCU, many of the DCEU films felt like rushed trailers for subsequent films. This all came to a head with Justice League last year. What was supposed to be DC’s answer to The Avengers was poorly received and flopped in theaters.

Adding to the woes were all the behind-the-scenes headaches that have been covered before such as the inability to create a proper sequel to Man of Steel, the drama of whether or not Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill would reprise their roles of Batman and Superman. Films were announced and shelved. Directors and writers came aboard for films only to depart soon afterwards.

After the failure of Justice League, not many had hope for Aquaman. After all, he was not a popular superhero and was often derided by many for being so underwhelming. His appearances in previous DCEU movies redefined the character into more of a fun-loving surfer dude type, but this did not inspire confidence that he could carry a film. Thankfully, many of us were proven wrong.

An Underwater Spectacle

Aquaman turned out to be a fun, exciting and spectacular film that just went for broke. It is outrageous with its imagery and the film created a stunning underwater world that is so richly detailed and colorful that it evokes films like Avatar or the Star War films. As with the latter films, Aquaman is one exhaustive film that constantly moves in terms of plot and action. Some parts of it, especially the scenes in Italy, recall the brisk pace of the Indiana Jones films. Much of this credit goes to director James Wan who injected needed levity and adventure to the DCEU and people reacted positively to Aquaman.

Of course, the film can be silly and goofy but it is never dull. On top of that the natural charms of the leads Jason Mamoa and Amber Heard helped sell the film to wide audiences. What also helped was the timing of its release. Unlike previous Holiday seasons, there was no Star Wars film to compete with. Audiences who are weary from all the sour news of the world want escapism and fun in their films. And Aquaman delivered that to them.

Finally, it seemed as if Warner Bros. left Wan and the other filmmakers alone and didn’t try to inject the greater DCEU to Aquaman. Aside from two references, this film could stand apart from the DCEU, and it helped since this allowed the characters to have the spotlight to themselves and for the film’s story to develop naturally. Does this mean this formula will work for future DCEU films? It’s possible, just think about it, Aquaman followed the same path of the early MCU films in that they were largely standalone affairs with lesser known characters that won over audiences. By the time the MCU expanded into team up films, people were invested in the characters. This does not mean this standalone formula will work with every film. But for now a loose affiliation with the DCEU may be the key…for now.

Swimming Ahead

Now, all this talk about the reinvigorated DCEU may turn out to be premature. Remember how Wonder Woman last year salvaged the film universe only for it to crash and burn with the next film Justice League? The same thing can happen in just a few months with Shazam! Like Aquaman in 2018, Shazam! will be the only DCEU film released in 2019. The Joker film coming out later this year is not part of the DCEU. If Shazam! falters then it’s back to square one for the DCEU. Thankfully, Aquaman’s success ensures that the DCEU will stick around for a while. If Shazam! succeeds then the film universe will have headwind.  Coming up in 2020 are Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) and Wonder Woman 1984. If those do well, then the DCEU will indeed survive and prosper. Then fingers crossed we will get The Batman, Flash and even the return of Superman. Needless to add, there will be a sequel to Aquaman, and the character will be more prominent in the film universe. A box office take of over $1 billion guarantees this. Maybe we’ll get it as soon as 2021. If all of this happens, then it will all be due to Aquaman, which salvaged the DCEU.

5 comments on “Aquaman Salvages The DCEU

  1. I think Aquaman has certainly restored the shine to the DCEU film series. I really enjoyed the film, it was visually impressive, a bit off the wall at times, and most importantly a lot of fun. Its funny how the DCEU films stuck to being so grim for so long when it was clear that path wasn’t working out. Now with Aquaman and next hopefully with Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 the DCEU will get back on track.

    • It’s hard to imagine Shazam! As being a dark film so it’s a no brainer that it will be lighter than the typically grim DCEU.

      What possibly happened is that the film studio wanted to keep the grim, more grounded look of the Nolan Batman films and learned the hard way that approach does not work for every property.

      Thankfully they realized this now and let the filmmakers be. The result is Aquaman. This doesn’t mean every film should be light hearted but the film universe should be properly balanced.

  2. Great review that sums up ‘Aquaman’ succinctly and eloquently – as you say the film just goes for broke with pride and vigour. It may not be perfect but it’s great fun and visually awesome.

    I have to admit I’m surprised it’s crossed the $1 billion mark but I’m happy all the same that there’s finally some positivity surrounding the DC films brand. I have high hopes for Shazam, especially if it evokes the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank series from the New 52 which is one of the best comic book stories I’ve ever read.

    My only real issue now is the lack of motion (no pun intended) on the Flash and the sidelining of Superman. I’m not too worried about Batman as I feel that’ll work out eventually.

    • I’m also surprised and glad that Aquaman has done so well. DC needed a blockbuster hit badly.

      Like you, I wish DC would use this good will and momentum to push through a Flash film already. Superman, I’m afraid is a lost cause for the moment as we have seen the back and forth between the film studio and Henry Cavill. But we haven’t seen the last of the Man of Steel.

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