Latest Terminator Suffers From More Than A Dark Fate. Major Spoilers

Terminator Dark Fate is the latest film in the long-running science fiction/action franchise that sees the return of creator James Cameron as a producer and contributed to the story, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and, of course, star Arnold Schwarzenegger as the famous killer cyborg.  The film has been divisive with fans because of rumors about certain plot points and this as such will affect reception of the film. As an action movie, Terminator Dark Fate is decent with some good action pieces and having Sarah Connor back in action is a treat. Unfortunately, the movie also makes the mistake of killing off a key character in the first few minutes. *What follows below will contain major spoilers, so unless you’ve seen the film, read at your own risk.




In this case, John Connor, the savior of humanity whose existence was at the core of these movies, is gunned down as a child a few years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day by yet another terminator sent back in time to kill him. Just like that, the events of the first two films are basically rendered pointless!  The film then jumps to 2020 and shows an augmented human called Grace (Mackenzie Davis), who is sent back in time to Mexico City to protect a young woman named Dani (Natalia Reyes), who now holds the key to the future of humanity. There is, of course, a terminator also sent back to kill her. This model, called a Rev-9 (played by Gabriel Luna) is basically two terminators in one, with a metal endoskeleton and a liquid metal exterior that can separate into a second cyborg. Basically, when John and Sarah destroyed Skynet in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, it created a new timeline where Skynet was never created, but instead has another artificial intelligence called Legion that comes into existence in 2042 that tries to wipe out humanity. When Grace shows up and escapes with Natalia only to be cornered by the Rev-9, Sarah Connor shows up and helps them to flee.

Sarah Connor reveals that she has been receiving text messages with the locations of terminators who were sent through time and she hunts and destroys them. The three women find the source of these texts, who is revealed to be the same T-800 that killed John, and now goes by the name of Carl. He currently sells drapes and has a wife and adopted son. Carl explains that it had no purpose after killing John and found a woman who was in an abusive relationship and it developed a conscience (!). He has been sending Sarah the texts to give her a purpose. Frankly, this part of the movies was ridiculous! I could see the terminator learning about human behavior similar to T2, but the idea of it raising a son and having a relationship with a woman is just not believable. Anyway, Sarah wants to kill Carl, but is stopped by Grace and Dani, and they reluctantly team up with Carl to take down the Rev-9. Without spoiling the rest of it, the ending is basically a rehash of T2, with a set up for the inevitable sequel.

Some reviews have said that this movie is better than previous sequels, but I disagree. Both Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation were better movies because at least they furthered the story in interesting ways. I always wanted the story to continue after the future-set Salvation, where we finally got away from the same trope of terminators being sent back to the past. Time will tell how this latest plot will go forward, if at all, but hopefully it will be something unique. I did like the future war scene at the very beginning that shows terminator endoskeletons rising out of the water and coming onto a beach, but it was all too brief. Another flash forward scene was somewhat interesting which showed how Grace got her augmentations after a battle with tentacled terminator models.

Linda Hamilton’s return as Sarah is great to see as she is now a grizzled warrior mourning her son and determined to get revenge on those who wronged her. Schwarzenegger is fine as “Carl” but the misuse of his character is not a good thing. Seriously, a drapes salesman? But more importantly how was he sent back in time if Skynet was never created? The terminators that Legion creatre in the future are different than the T-800 models. He should not even exist! Also, how does he know about these other terminators and Legion if he is not from that new timeline? It is never made clear.

The main problem with the idea of killing John Connor and just having someone else step in to the role of leader of the resistance is that it makes everything in the original Terminator film and T2 pointless. What if another terminator is sent back and kills Dani? No big deal, someone will just replace her! What happens when Dani and Sarah destroy Legion in the future? Again, so what? Another AI will take over. If they wanted to move on to new characters and settings, I can understand that.

Maybe the studio should have just made a full on reboot with no connection to the other movies. They keep trying to tie these films together and it makes everything awkward and convoluted. Terminator Genisys had this problem, as well. It started with a terminator being sent back to kill Sarah when she was a child, which changed events in the first film and erased the second movie. They should of just had that basic story of Sarah being targeted as a child as the first film in a totally new continuity with no connection at all with any of the other films and It would not have had any baggage to deal with. This is so frustrating since James Cameron developed the story, along with four other writers, and is behind this film. With the other derided Terminator films, it was easy to lay blame on Cameron not being involved. Well, there goes that argument.

As it stands, Terminator: Dark Fate is an okay action film and casual fans will probably enjoy it, but as a continuation of the Terminator franchise, fans will find it somewhat lacking since it makes the franchise’s logic even more confusing.

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6 comments on “Latest Terminator Suffers From More Than A Dark Fate. Major Spoilers

  1. Some good thoughts, I enjoyed Dark Fate a fair bit but you do make some valid points and I can see why the film is being divisive.

    Whilst I’m not a huge fan of Salvation, I liked the overall concept (the Transformers-esque execution kind of spoiled it for me) and agree that would’ve been the best way to continue Terminator as a franchise…I’ve even seen comments lamenting at the fact that it’s even a franchise and should’ve been left as a two-film saga and there’s definitely an argument there (I did quite enjoy the ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ tv show though).

    Whilst Dark Fate gets a ‘pass’ from me, I do wonder how they could continue and do something fresh and interesting without repeating the same type of story…alas it seems the opening box office is not great (it only reached number 4 here in the U.K. last week) and in all likely hood the franchise has been terminated once more.

    • Ouch on the box office! After this and Genysys we may have seen the last of the Terminator films.
      You hit the nail on the head that almost all the films have the same premise: deadly cyborg from the future time travels to the past to kill humanity’s future savior, rinse, repeat. This is most likely the reason people have stayed away from Dark Fate because it didn’t seem different or original (plot twist notwithstanding).
      In order to go forward, if a new film is produced it must do something different.
      At this point, maybe they should try to revive the Sarah Connor Chronicles, that TV show had a lot going for it.

      • I actually really like the Sarah Connor Chronicles series and it managed to explore some new avenues and flesh out the Terminator universe…maybe some sort of big budget streaming series might be the way to go if there’s a desire for the franchise to continue as seems to be what’s rumoured for Alien?

      • Perhaps a streaming series would be best for the franchise. Just as long as it expands on the story and not be a retread of the too familiar trope of terminators going back in time to kill the Connors.

  2. My first impression of the movie was that it was excellent, tho John’s death made me extremely unhappy. He was the whole premise of the previous movies! And I adored the relationship between Sarah and Kyle in the first movie and it was all for nothing? I’ve thought about some continuity errors since last night, but am holding onto my suspension of disbelief. But I absolutely loved Sarah Connor, as the actress, Linda Hamilton has been a favorite of mine for years and I liked the new characters of Dani and Grace.

    • Completely agree about Linda Hamilton. She was the highlight of this film. It’s just the fate of her son made the original films pointless and the plot headaches were too much. It’s not a disaster and is well made but the script was so flawed.

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