A Ghostbuster Summoned to Hogwarts

Earlier this month I was at the New York Comic Con and came across two persons giving out business cards with a website printed on them. I didn’t think much about it, everyone and their mother were giving out cards, mini-posters and other doodads to promote their film, comic, fill in the blank.

Anyway, I went home went, through my stash and found that card and decided to go to the printed website and was surprised to find a terrific fan film set in the Ghostbusters world mashed up with Harry Potter. The gist of it is that this rookie Ghostbuster down on her luck is recruited to go to Hogwarts on a mission. The only thing I didn’t like is that it sets up a big adventure and already I can’t wait. Give it a look-see, it’s worth the click!

Annette DeForester